Like many a science story, my interest in biology stems from a childhood spent in the outdoors; an ever present curiosity with all things living that never left. As an undergraduate my first taste of science came from Dr. Rick Lee Jr's lab on insect physiology (cold tolerance) at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). Here, a collaboration with Dr. Yoshi Tomoyasu's lab as a senior introduced me to Tribolium beetles and evo-devo. I accepted a Ph.D. track position in his lab upon graduating. From there, I haven't looked back. I now reside in the Moczek lab at Indiana University in Bloomington as a post-doc. Here we study complex novel traits in Onthophagus dung beetles. Beetles, it seems, are here to stay in my life (which sounds good to me). I still spend as much time as I can outside. I am an avid rock climber with 15 years of experience; a sport that has inspired me to travel extensively and meet amazing people (including my wife). Now I just need to find a rock face to climb that is also littered with fascinating beetles! 


David M Linz
102 Myers Hall 915 E 3rd St, Bloomington IN 47405